Adolescence Study | Adolescence Counseling | Counseling for Teenagers

Wed, 10/26/2011 - 11:59 -- Umar Farooq

Study of Adolescence

The topic study of adolescence is included in the educators training program due to the following reasons:

  1. At the school level especially on secondary level the educators must study about the adolescence. The study of adolescence enables educators to be aware of the adolescence intellectual and educational problems and issues.
  2. Adolescence is the period of stress and storm. It means rapid changes take place in different areas. The study will enable educators to guide them, and help them in proper direction.
  3. The study will give the educators insight about the learning styles and the educators will modify the teaching methodologies for them.
  4. It is the stage discovery of poets, philosophers, scholars, scientists. The study will enable the educators that how to develop a specific skill or talent in the prospective learners of the future.

Adolescence Counseling or Counseling for Teenagers

Let’s see how educators, parents and school play their role in adolescence counseling or counseling for teenagers in the proper development of their social role.

Rich Environment

  • Proper habits should be developed.
  • Games facilities should be provided.
  • Rich curriculum should be prepared.
  • Balanced diet should be provided.

Sex Education

Sex plays very important role in social relations. Therefore adolescence should be properly educated in the sex and related issues. They should also be educated about the role of religious matters relating to sex.

Social Education

  • They must be encouraged to take initiatives under the guidance of elders and educators.
  • They should be taught that how to behave.
  • Harsh treatment and punishment must be avoided.

Provisions for Emotional Needs

In this area they can be provided various facilities like

  • Games and competitions
  • Co-Curricular activities
  • Toursor study trips to tourist resorts.
  • They should be admired and praised for good behavior.
  • Their emotions should be guided and counseled

Moral and Religious Education

It is the responsibility of the trained educators and school to provide the provisions for the moral and religious education especially about the new changes in our society.

Vocational Education

They should be guided towards practical based vocational training. In this regard government, parents, and educators must play their due role.