What is Interview Method, Definition & Objectives

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 00:38 -- Umar Farooq

What is Interview Method

Every individual in our daily life meet with other and discuss something with him. This is the process of interview b/w interviewer and interviewee. The daily conversation b/w patient and doctor or student and teacher are the examples of interview. In interview the investigator and the respondents set together and they exist a face to face conversation between the two for a specific purpose. Interview is a process of meet with interviewee either by telephone or face to face conversation to discuss some purposeful thing.

Definition of Interview

  1. P.V. Young: A scientific method through which a person enters into the life of a stranger.
  2. Good & Hatt: Interview a close face to face conversation or a dialogue between the investigator or interviewer and interviewee. OR It is a process of social interaction between interviewer and interviewee.
  3. Kerlinger: A face to face interpersonal situation in which one ask questions from the other to get answer about a social problem.

In simple words we can say that interview is a verbal communication or two way conversation between two persons like interviewer and interviewee to get information’s about a problematic situation.

Objectives of Interview

Following are the main objectives of interview.

  1. Collect information’s about an existing social problem
  2. Create relation between interviewer and interviewee
  3. Gain inner feelings of the respondent
  4. Create a source of knowledge
  5. Provide rich hypothesis
  6. Reduce the distance between human beings
  7. Observe the situation quickly
  8. Collect additional information’s
  9. Draw quantitative facts.
  10. Gain new knowledge about an area.