What are the Qualities of A Good Observer

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 12:17 -- Umar Farooq

The following qualities are essential for a good observer.

Good Physical Condition

Only mental fitness is not the quality of a good observer but he also possess the physical fitness. If a personal is physically fit, he must be considered as a good observer. So, physical and mental both finesses are required for a good observer.

Immediate Recording

If a person has the ability to judge the situation quick and having sharp mind, he will immediately record the information’s. So, it is must for an observer to record a data immediately.

Ability to Discriminate

An observer must have the ability of discrimination about the things which to be observed and to be not. He possess the ability of differentiating things and situations.

Good Eyesight

It is necessary for an observer to have good eye sightedness. He should have to observe the situation in its real form.


An observer should be different from the rest of the people. He most have quick mind and have the power to see the happening situations occurring at time.

Ability of estimation

It is a general quality of an observer. To estimate for the future happening. He should posses the quality for further estimation of his study.

Good Perception

The power of perception of an investigator should be high. He perceive things and situation really and his view about these situations must be quick and sharp.

Control over Emotions

The emotions of a researcher should be on his own control. He must have emotional control to get accuracy and objectivity.

Efficient Sense Organs

His sense organs must be efficient working. To observe a situation he must have the quality to use his five senses in a good manner.

Quick Decision Maker

An observer must have the quality of judgment and quick decision making. He must have the ability of knowing good and bad, relevant and irrelevant.