Types of Research Survey Regular, Primary, Open, Personal

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 09:33 -- Umar Farooq

Following are the various types of social survey.

Regular & Adhoc

When an organization whether public or private or individual conduct survey at regular intervals, it is called regular survey e.g. population census, economics survey, educational survey. That type of survey takes place every five or ten years regularly. Adhoc survey is that one in which it is conducted for a time being and when the purpose achieved, the survey is over e.g. flood victims, earth quack victims surveys etc.

Official & Non-Official

Official survey is that one which is conducted by government or some other officials e.g. survey by statistical researcher, educational researcher etc. Non-official survey is usually conducted by private agencies and any other N.G.O. for example, survey by universities, municipal corporation, N.G.O, s etc.

Primary & Secondary

Primary survey is conducted by a researcher himself firstly working in the field to collect data from the respondent. Secondary survey is that type in which a researcher does not move around but collects information’s from other sources which are already collected.

Direct & Indirect

In direct survey quantitative facts are collected by the surveyor directly from the respondents. While in indirect survey information’s are collected indirectly through other sources.

Personal & Postal

In personal survey information are collected by the surveyor himself about a social problem while postal survey is that in which information’s are collected through post from other sources and agencies.

Personal & Impersonal

Personal Survey may be defined as information collected by an individual himself while in impersonal information’s are collected through other individuals or sources and a surveyor do not involve himself.

Open & Confidential

If the results of the survey are open to the public and organization, the survey is called open survey. On the other hand when results are only for the consumption of the surveyor or researcher is called confidential survey.

Comprehensive & Limited Survey

When a survey covers a vast field and collects information’s widely is called comprehensive survey while limited survey is that which is implemented on a limited area and do not cover vast field of study.