Types of Research Problem, Theoretical, Applied & Action

Sun, 06/09/2013 - 11:38 -- Umar Farooq

There are three types of research problem

  1. Theoretical research problem
  2. Applied research problem
  3. Action research problem

Theoretical Research Problem

It is the theoretical explanation of a research problem. It gives only theory and meaning of the problem. It defines the problem theoretically. This type of research has no need of hypothesis and verification.


  1. It is exploratory
  2. It is theoretical in nature
  3. It provides basic meaning

Applied Research Problem

An applied social research problem is a practical use of the theoretical knowledge. In that type the field work and visits to the problematic situation is necessary. It has the design of hypothesis and verification.


  1. It is practical in nature
  2. It has exploratory hypothesis
  3. It wants the verification

Action Research Problem

Action research problem is that one for which the immediate solution is required. It has millions of problems in the world that type of research is continuous and needs quick solution in emergency basis.


  1. It is welfare oriented.
  2. It is service oriented.
  3. It is sensitive and immediate decision required for solution.