Types of Research on the Basis of Method

Sat, 06/08/2013 - 01:37 -- Umar Farooq

Research can be divided on the basis of different approaches & Methods. On the basis of method research has the following types.

Historical Research

Historical research is that type in which the facts are collected from past events. In this type of research historical approaches are used for preparing data in order to solve a problematic situation.

Descriptive Research

In descriptive research a researcher observe a problem and write an article about its causes and effects. It is the personal ideas of a researcher. He writes a story which gives knowledge about the root causes of problems. It’s also show causal and effect relationship.

Ex-post-Facto Research

In this type of research a researcher study the varying influence of two identical factors. It studies the influence of cause-effect & effect-cause upon each other. Two variables are used in this research. One is called independent while other is called dependent variable. If we want to see the impact of Arabic & English education in the future, a careful study of past events is required because it depends on past knowledge. In simple words in this research the investigator bring over the past study, identifies the present and make planning for future.

Experimental Research

Experimental research is based on experiments. It this type of research the two variables, i.e. independent & dependent are taken and their critical examination is carried out. These are observed, tested and verified in case of validity. Experimental research may be conduct in laboratory or field.

Field Study

Field study is the practical work in a given area. a research gees to the field and observe the problematic situation and then make a design of its collected data. This type of data would be more accurate due to the self-observation of the researcher and its participation in community.