Types of Interview

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 23:55 -- Umar Farooq

There are various types of interview which are discussed in detail.

Structured and Unstructured Interview

Structured interview means for which a pre-planned questions and answers are made or a guiding paper has made which is followed by the interviewer. While unstructured interview is that in which there exists no structure of already arranged questions but questions are asked by the interviewer in sport and the respondent gives answer.

Qualitative and Qualitative Interview

Qualitative interview means to collect information about the attitudes, values and behavior which is not measurable and different from individual to individual. Quantitative interview means the gathering information from a large number of persons and to develop a report. It is the quantitative study of a situation or an area.

Depth & Focus Interview

Depth interview is that in which the degree of intensity is measured felt by a person about a socio-psychological problem. It is the collection of information’s about the personality dynamics and motivations. Focus interview is that which find out the degree of focusness attach to a psychological problem. It is the study of a particular situation focused on the attitudes and emotions of an individual.

Short-Contact and Long-Contact Interview

A short-contact interview means in which the interviewer for a short period of time, contact him and finishes his work in one meeting. Long-contact interview is the discussion taking place between interviewer and interviewee for a long time.

Individual and Group Interview

Interview between two persons in which one is the interviewer and other is the respondent. While in group interview many interviewers interview many respondents or a group of interviewers collect information from a group of respondents.

Formal & informal Interviews

Formal interview is the type in which questions are already determined while in informal interview there is no determination of questions found.

Directive & Non-Directive Interview

Directive interview is that one which is directed through a formal way and plan. While non-directive interview is the type in which no direction found under formal way or plan paper of questions.

Single time & Repeated Interviews

Single time interview is that in which the interviewer and interviewee meet only once and collect facts in one sitting is called single time interview. Repeated interview is conducted many times and repeated again and again on monthly or annual meeting basis is called repeated interview.

Diagnostic & Treatment Interviews

Diagnostic interview means to find out only the causative factors of a problematic situation. It is the interview which prescribe a social problem. While treatment interview is that which gives treatment to the problem and tries for its solution and remedies.

Selection & Research Interviews

In selection interview an effort is made to find out the fitness of an individual for a job on the basis of his qualification and experience. In research interview to collect information’s about the causes of a social problem and to give remedies or solution for that problem.