Selection of Research Problem

Sun, 06/09/2013 - 11:08 -- Umar Farooq

There are some suggestion for the graduate students and researchers which are drawn from the different areas of education, social sciences as well as psychology. There are two factors in the selection of topic external and personal. External criteria involves how the topic is important for the field, availability of both data and data collection methods and the administration is cooperative or not. Personal Criteria means researcher own interest, time and cost. Criteria for selection of research problem depends on the following characteristics.

Personal Inclination. The chief motivation in the way of selecting research problem is the personal inclination of the researcher. If a researcher has personal interest in the topic, he would select that problem for his research work.

Resources Availability. During the selection, a researcher will see to the resources available. If these resources like money, time, accommodation and transport are available to the selection place, then the selection of the problem is easy.

Relative Importance. The importance and the problem also play a vital role in the selection of research problem. If the problem is relatively important, then the researcher tends towards the selection of the problem.

Researcher Knowledge. The researcher knowledge should play a vital role in the selection of the research problem. The wisdom and experience of an investigator is required for well collection of the research data. He can bitterly select a problem.

Practicality: Practicality is also responsible for the selection. The practical usefulness of the problem is the main motivation for a researcher to attend it.

Time-lines of the Problem. some problems take little time for its solution while others take more time. So, it depends on the time in which we have to complete his research work.

Data Availability. If the desired data is available to the researcher, then the problem would be selected.

Urgency. Urgency is a pinpoint in the way of the selection of research problem. Urgent problem must be given priority because the immediate solution can benefit the people.

Feasibility. Feasibility is also an important factor for the selection of the research problem. The researcher qualification, training and experience should match the problem.

Area Culture. The culture of the area for which a researcher conducts his research is also responsible for the selection of research problem.

Characteristic of Research Problem

Any research is a difficult task to achieve and research needs to do a great effort. Selection of research topic is the first step to success.

  1. Research topic must be very clear and easy to understand. It should not distract people.
  2. If a topic is well define is the only way to successful research. The topic should not create doubt and double impression.
  3. Easy language is a key to success. Use technical words if necessary otherwise focus of simplicity.
  4. Research title should be according to the rules of titling. There are different rules of titling, a researcher must aware before writing a research title.
  5. While selecting a research topic current importance of a researcher should also be considered. Topic should not be obsolete and it should have great importance in the current day.