Research Problem Formulation Components & Condition

Sun, 06/09/2013 - 12:24 -- Umar Farooq

Components of Research Problem Formulation

Research always stated from the words “what and why” and then the selection of suitable answers for these words. According to Morton, the important research components are the following three.

  1. What a person wants to know?
  2. Why a person wants to know?
  3. Possible answers for these questions.

Conditions for Problem Formulation

Some of the important conditions for problem formulation are as under.

  1. Knowledge about the selected area
  2. Knowledge about the problem
  3. Critical mind of the researcher
  4. Availability of the resources
  5. Research equipment & tools
  6. Analysis experience
  7. Findings and report writing

Research Proposal Process of Problem Formulation

Following are the main steps to take in the formulation of a research proposal.

  1. Title of the problem
  2. Statement of the problem
  3. Overview of literature
  4. Conceptual Framework
  5. Objectives of the study
  6. Hypothesis designing
  7. Scope and universe
  8. Tools of data collection
  9. Methodology
  10. Time Budgeting
  11. Cost estimation
  12. Research Report