Questionnaire Meaning & Definition

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 00:52 -- Umar Farooq

Meaning of Questionnaire

Questionnaire contains a series of questions designed to gather particular information. It is used in different fields like business, sciences, and social sciences. It is a research instrument having sequence of questions with a purpose to get information from respondents and extract desired statistical data.

Definitions of Questionnaire

Some of the views of researchers about questionnaire

  1. Goode & Hatt: Questionnaire is a device for securing answers to questions using a form which the respondents fill it.
  2. Bogardus: Questionnaire is a list of questions with structured answer sent to the respondents for filling.
  3. P.V. Young: Questionnaire is a paper consists on questions with answers sent to the respondents through mail with a specified covering latter.

In simple words we can define questionnaire is a document consists of questions along with their answers prepared by the researcher and send it to the respondents through mail. The respondents fill. It and sent back to the researcher for further use.

A well designed questionnaire have the following characters either in his body or in covering letter.

  1. A descriptive title of the study.
  2. Purpose of the study.
  3. Introduction of the investigator.
  4. Name of sponsoring agency.
  5. Structure of questions.
  6. Quantity and quality of paper etc.