Main Sources of Hypothesis in Research

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 09:15 -- Umar Farooq

A hypothesis may be formulated through a number of is sources. Following are the main sources of hypothesis.

  1. Personal Experience
  2. Imagination & Thinking
  3. Observation
  4. Scientific Theory
  5. Previous Study
  6. Culture

Previous Study

Previous study is also a source of developing a concrete hypothesis. If a researcher uses previous knowledge about a phenomenon for a particular place, then another researcher followed his techniques and formulates his own. For example increase in fertilizers and irrigation leads to higher production in agriculture in District Mardan. Now another researcher studies his work and applies it to another District Nowshera.

Personal Experience

On the basis of his personal experience he uses his mind and suggests some points for the eradication of a social problem through developing a good hypothesis. Greater the researcher experience lead to higher degree of formation.

Imagination & Thinking

Creative thinking and imagination of a researcher sometimes help in formulating a good hypothesis. Personal ideas and the thinking capabilities of a researcher would lead to greater number of hypothesis formulation as well as control over the problem.


In consideration and undertaking a research problem, observation is necessary. The collection of previous facts and current facts related to the problem lead to the formulation of a good hypothesis.

Scientific Theory

Theory is capable in explaining all the facts relating to the problem. Scientific theory is a fertile source of hypothesis formulation. The theory which is used by a researcher may satisfied the needs of making it, because theory explains the known facts.


Culture is the accumulation of ways of behaving and adoption in a particular place and time. While formulating a hypothesis for a problem, culture should be studied. If we want to study trends towards female education in a particular area, for this purpose we will study, traditions, family system, Norms, Values, region and education system of that area.