Importance of Hypothesis

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 09:20 -- Umar Farooq

Some of the factors responsible for the importance of hypothesis are discussed as under.

To the Point Enquiry

Hypothesis makes a research activity to the point and destination, Research without hypothesis is like a sailor in the sea without compass. So, research is to the point enquiry of problem due to the guidance of hypothesis.

Development of Research Techniques

There are various types of social problems which are complex in nature. For this research is very difficult. We cannot cover it with a single technique but it requires many techniques. These techniques are due to hypothesis provided to a researcher.

Separating Relevant From Irrelevant Observation

A Researcher during study will take the observations and facts which are accordance to the condition and situation. While drop out the irrelevant facts from his study. This separation is due to hypothesis formulation which keeps away relevant observation from irrelevant.

Selecting Required Facts

During study a researcher come across many factors but he confined himself to the selection of required facts through formulation of hypothesis. Hypothesis helps him in selection of relevant facts regarding to the problematic situation.

Direction of Research

Hypothesis acts as a guide master in research. It gives new knowledge and direction to a researcher. It directs a scientist to know about the problematic situation and its causes.

Acts as a Guide

Hypothesis gives new ways and direction to a researcher. It acts as a guide and a leader in various organizations or society. It is like the investigator’s eye.

Prevents Blind Research

Hypothesis provides lighting to the darkness of research. It gives difference b/w scientific and unscientific, false and true research. It prevents blind research and give accuracy.

Accuracy & Precision

Hypothesis provides accuracy and precision to a research activity. Accuracy and precision is the feature of scientific investigation which is possible due to hypothesis.

Link between Theory & Investigation

Theory is a source of hypothesis which leads to its formulation. Hypothesis leads to scientific investigation. So, hypothesis acts as a bridge b/w theory and investigation.

Link between Assumption & Observation

During formulation hypothesis is in the stage of assumption. In the field it transformed into hypothesis in working form. This transformation is due to observation in the field. So, it creates a link between assumption & observation.

Provide answer for a Question

A hypothesis highlights the causes of a problematic situation. Further solution is also given by a hypothesis which provides answer to a question.

Save Time, Money & Energy

Hypothesis save time, money and energy of a researcher because it is a guide for him and help him in saving these basic things.

Proper Data Collection

Hypothesis provides the basis of proper Data Collection Relevant and correct information collected by a researcher is the main function of a good formulated hypothesis.

Proper Conclusion

A proper formulated hypothesis may lead to a good reasonable, utilized and proper conclusion. If the hypothesis is better than the conclusions drawn by a researcher would be better for solution of a problem.