Dissertation with Formulas: How to Handle

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 23:19 -- Umar Farooq

If your dissertation contains some formulas, it is necessary for you to know the following details. They will help you prevent issues with formatting.

General Rules for Submitting Formulas in a Dissertation

It is a common thing that dissertations on technical orders require the usage of formulas. When using formulas, you must adhere to certain technical and spelling rules. Let's begin with placing the formulas in the text of the dissertation. If you do not feel like learning all the details related to formulas in dissertation, you can use cheap essay writing service. Those guys will not only help you with any specific formatting, but may complete the whole dissertation for you from scratch.

Placing Formulas Within the Text of Dissertation

The largest as well as long and cumbersome formulas containing the sum of the marks, the product, the differentiation, the integration are placed on separate lines. This also applies to all numbered formulas. To save space, several short uniform formulas separated from the text can be presented in one line, not one by one. Small and simple formulas that do not have an independent meaning are written inside the lines of the text.

Meaning of Symbols from the Formulas

Explanations of the meanings of symbols and numerical coefficients should be submitted directly under the formula in the sequence in which they are given in the formula. The meaning of each character and numeric coefficient are written from a new line. The first line of explanation begins with the word "where" without a colon.

Emphasizing of Equations and Formulas

Equations and formulas should be separated from the text by lines. Above and below each formula there should be at least one line. If the equation does not fit in one line, it is transferred to another line after the signs of equality (=), plus (+), minus (-), multiplication (x) and division (:).

Enumeration of Formulas in the Text of Dissertation

The numbering of formulas also requires knowledge of some of its design features. Only the formulas mentioned in the text should be numbered. Others are not recommended.

Ordinal numbers are indicated by Arabic numerals in round brackets near at the right side of the page without any dots. The number that does not fit in the line with the formula is transferred to the next line. The number of the formula if it is to be transferred to the next line is placed at the equal level. If the formula is in the frame, then the number of this formula is written outside the frame on the right side opposite to the main line of the formula.

The number of the formula-fraction is fed equally to the main horizontal line of the formula.

The number of a group of formulas placed on separate lines and joined by parentheses is placed to the right of the parenthesis, which is inside the group of formulas and facing the number.

Punctuation in the Text with the Formulas

One needs to know the rules of punctuation in the text with the formulas. Punctuation here serves as an important element that adds to clarity of the material delivery. The general rule here is as follows: the formula is included in the sentence as its equal element. Therefore, at the end of the formulas and in the text before them, the punctuation marks are put in accordance with the rules of punctuation.

The colon before the formula is put only in cases provided for by the rules of punctuation: a) if the text before the formula is a generalizing word; b) if the text precedes the formula.

Separate signs between formulas that follow one another and are not separated by text may be a comma or a semicolon, directly by the formula to its number. Partnotes between the formulas in parentheses are placed inside the parentheses. After such bulky mathematical expressions as determinants and matrices, it is possible not to set punctuation marks.

Having learned and applied all those rules, you will be able to impress your supervisor and other people checking your dissertation with a flawless writing piece. So, if you are a perfectionist, this article is surely for you.