A Model Research Proposal | Synopsis

Mon, 06/10/2013 - 05:03 -- Umar Farooq

Model Research Proposal Topic: "Causative Factors Responsible for Street Working Children"

Statement of the Problem

There are so many factors which are responsible for the children to compelled them street working. So, we have to discuss these factors in our study. These may include poverty and literacy of the parents.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To highlight the socio-economic factors for street-working children.
  2. To bring to the screen the causes of these factors.
  3. To highlight the parents attitude towards the future of these children.
  4. To know about the role of various agencies for the eradication of the problem.
  5. To bring positive steps in the way of problem solution.


  1. Higher the illiteracy rate among parents, higher would be the number of street-working children.
  2. Higher the rate of poverty, higher would be the inclination towards street-working.
  3. Higher the role of mass-media, law would be the rate of street-working children.
  4. Higher the tendency of parents towards their socialization, low would be the no of street-working children.


The study is carried out only for the purpose to aware the people about the growing ratio of the children working, its causes, agencies role and solution for it.


The research study will be limited to Peshawar District Karkhano Market.


The following methodology will be used for the collection of data.


Data will be collected from 50 respondents in which 25 will be male children and 25 will be female children.

Tools of Data Collection

Questionnaire and interview schedule will be used as tools.


A few questionnaire and interview schedule will be tested. If remained valid then the whole data will be collected.

Data Analysis

After the collection of valid data, the process of editing, classification, tabulation, verification and report writing will be taking place.

Duration of the Study

The duration of the study will be six-months.

Cost Budgeting

The cost of this study will be about 20,000.


The study will provide the basic concept. About the causes of street-working children and will be proved better for the eradication of the social problem.