Agile Project Management Methodologies for Software Development

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 08:41 -- Umar Farooq

Software industry has flourished as surprising phenomena just a two decades back and ever since then it is doing wonders in every manner. Though it brought wonders to the world, at the same time software development industry went through a number of progressive steps over the course of time in every manner. No doubt software development is a long process that needs to be well taken care of in order to meet the final customer needs. It is due to this need that professionals of this industry demanded for a properly planned way of carrying out the procedures and there was the introduction of the agile software development methodology.

Agile software development process

It is defined as a set of software development methodologies that are based on the iterative development as one of the requirements as well as solutions that move through the multi-functional self-organized teams. Iterations are defined as a small time frame that has its own set of planning, designing, coding, analyzing etc. in short ach iteration in itself is a complete software development process.

Agile software development lifecycle

It involves the breaking down of the tasks in to smaller iterations. As we have already defined iteration thus need is to make it clear that each iteration goes through the same process of software development. It requires the same factors that usual software development does. Beginning of every iteration reevaluation is required.  This facilitates the adaptation of the project even at the end of the project developmental process. With the help of agile software tools, the customer gets the working versions of his required software throughout the software development life cycle. This minimizes the risks involved and also facilitates them to give their continuous feedback. These tools along with the scrum software tools facilitate the project managers to complete their complicated projects and heavy workloads. In the beginning these tools were created to be used within the software development industry only. Today they can be applied to any project in any industry wherever there is some complicated work involved. It enables people to carry out their projects in the right direction.

As a result, things remain on the track, saves time for the professionals. Provide continuous feedback from the customer and allows the project managers to get things done in an effective and properly planned manner. Each and every step of the project progress can be well viewed in no time and without any difficulty.

Agile software development methodology

It has its own advantages but nothing comes with drawbacks. Due to the flexibility that is involved in this approach, people as well as professionals remain unable to decide the calculated budgets and completion schedules for the project. The success of the agile software development methodology also rests upon the uninterrupted collaboration with the customer. In case the customer does not have time then the process will not be carried out in a regular and continuous way. Under such circumstances, it will not be time saving rather wasting the resources in every manner.