What can be Delegated | What to Delegate

Sat, 06/22/2013 - 09:57 -- Umar Farooq

What to Delegate

To maintain a tied control over the operation and repose confidence in a common belief of the executives that their subordinates are not capable of discourage the delegator to delegate his authority to someone working with or under him. But an atmosphere of team-work and mutual confidence encourages delegation. Given that the atmosphere of team-work is there, mutual confidence is all pervading a sense of independence in attainment of common goals and a free interchange of ideas and suggestions are present but a pertinent question still remains unanswered as to what really can be delegated? What to delegate and when to delegate are to ticklish questions the organization. Usually work relating to routine attars is delegated. Also the subordinate who enjoys the confidence of delegator the delegate. Here also we can take the help of Louise A. Allen who has suggested certain guidelines for "what can be delegated" executive in this respect. An executive, according to him, can follow the following rules while delegating.

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  1. Establish goals to be attained.
  2. Define and enumerate the authority which the delegate can exercise and the responsibility he is to shoulder.
  3. Motivate the subordinate (delegate) and provide him efficient guidance. If necessary proper and adequate training could also be given to the delegate before authority is delegated to him.
  4. Ask for the completed work. In between if any help is needed by the delegate he should be provided with such help thither directly through someone who knows the work and is willing help.
  5. Establish adequate control so as to supervise and provide necessary guidance.

The executive reserves the authority and keeps almost all the decision making authority with him. He delegates the authority of and work according to directions given to them.