Building Morale

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 04:16 -- Umar Farooq

To raise the morale of workers is referred to as the building of the morale. This is difficult task as human behavior and motives behind it is largely responsible for building the morale. Morale is mental phenomenon. Building the morale is like marching ahead without knowing the end of the journey. The target here in building morale is not known and the management has to go no trying and trying without caring for the results. Morale building is a perpetual object that has to be attained continuously without stopping even for a moment. Morale is a changing mental phenomenon which, for the manager is the greatest problem in his action of morale building. The morale cannot be built for ever. Today morale is very high. Tomorrow it may not be and day after it may be on its peak.
Morale building may be done either:

  1. On individual basis, or
  2. On group basis.

Group morale building is always good. It is easy, economical, practical and effective since individual’s mental phenomenon is not at work there. Group morale is generally effected by group thinking and behavior. This may build up the individual morale also. Group morale building is regarded as complementary to individual morale building.