Management Sciences

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Uncertainties either leads to threat or opportunity, this is one of project management’s core concept. If a company cannot manage risk it can ultimately lead to failure in delivery of desired objectives and may be a delay in project delivery, or complete failure to delivery, benefit realization. Every business project has potential risks that might cause things to go horribly wrong.

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After deciding objectives and goals of company then companies makes its marketing strategy. At this stage company needs to do detail planning for marketing mix and marketing mix strategy. The marketing mix is one of the major and more important concepts in modern marketing. McCarthy who originally developed the 4Ps, he stated it “the marketing mix is combination of controllable factors at a marketer’s command to satisfy a target market”.

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Apple Inc. is an American multinational company. Apple Inc. is considered to be the most popular worldwide electronic company which designs, consumer electronics and sells personal computers. Headquarter of the company is located in U.S and the current CEO is Tim Cook. Apple Inc. annually revenue is $ 156.508 billion dollar and profit of the company is $ 41.733 billion dollars.

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McDonlad Corporation is the largest fast food restaurant in the world. There are more than 34,000 McDonald's restaurants serving 69 million customers every day in over 121 countries. Geographic area of mcDonald is worldwide and the headquarter of McDonald is in U.S. the current CEO of the company is Don Thompson. According to 2013 the revenue of the company is $ 28,105.7 million and the profit of the company is $ 5,585.9 million.

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Capitalism may be defined as an economic system in which private persons are permitted (subject to regulations by the state) to establish factories, open mills, create banks and other business firms." It may be defined as, "It is a system in which all the means of production and sources of wealth are privatized or denationalized."

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BCG matrix is a tool used by companies to evaluate their product portfolio and business units for the purpose of developing effective business strategy. BCG stand for Boston consulting group and this BCG matrix was developed by Boston consulting group in early 1970’s to facilitate the organizations for managing their product and business portfolio.

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Horizontal integration is the process of integrating with the competitors or leading business that provides same goods or services. Integration may be done either by merging (joining of two companies to make one) or by acquiring (purchase of another company). Horizontal Integration is a strategy that helps the expansion of a business to a profitable level. This form of expansion is contrast to vertical integration.

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Mission statement can be define as “what a company actually does”? What is company business? And why a company does it?”  Mission defines an organization core purpose or reason for being, this often called the “credo”, “philosophy”, “core values” or “organizational aspirations”. The basic purpose or objective of mission is to distinguish one organization from other similar organizations.

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Porter's Five Forces model is a strategic tool developed in 1979 by Micheal Porter. This model summarizes the 5 marketing factors which affect the performance of a particular company. The weight of Porter's Five Forces determines the abilities and competencies of a firm involved to make profit. If all these forces get high, then profits will be limited. Conversely, if the Porter's Five Forces are weak, it is possible to generate a significant profit.

porject management triangle
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Project Management Success is mainly depends on balancing the core project components of a project which are Scope, Cost and Time. These three core components or constraints are often referred to the “Project Scope Triangle” or the “Project Quality Triangle”.  For a project manger it is very important to consider all these three components, and project manager also must know how to manage these components to successfully accomplish a project.