Resource Planning Procedures in Project Management

Thu, 10/20/2011 - 11:57 -- Umar Farooq

What is Resource Planning

Resource planning is essentially an effort to match the resource demands of a project with the availability. The leveling process is actually a form of resource scheduling, as such, it is related to timing of the project.

Activities are shifted within their earliest/latest range to note changes in demand. The technique follows this sequence:

  • Examine activities with the most float values for rescheduling
  • Use activities with relatively small float values
  • If the need to continue the leveling process is critical, use the activities that have no float.

To start the resource leveling method, complete the following items:

  • Project Objectives
  • Project Planning Diagram
  • Project Schedule
  • Preparing the Total Float Tabulation

Steps in Resource Planning

The following steps should be followed while doing resource planning:

  • Place the daily resources needed to complete each activity on the bottom of each by associated with that activity.
  • Divide that bar chart into daily increments and total up the daily resources, showing the tabulation of each specific resource at the bottom of the bar chart.
  • This tabulation will shows the amount of each resource expended for each period. Consider adjusting the scheduling of the activities if there is a wide variation in the daily resources expended and if demand if inconsistent over the span of the project.
  • The first scheduling adjustments for leveling purposes should affect individual activities, manually move that activity with the highest float value in the peak location, total the demand after each adjustment and note the leveling effect to determine if further leveling is necessary.
  • If all the scheduling adjustments are still unsatisfactory, there are three alternatives:
    • Authorize overtime for the critical personnel in the critical periods.
    • If overtime is not an acceptable option, then attempt to add more personnel.
    • If the above two alternatives are not practical, then steps need to be taken to extend the project duration.