Impression Management Definition, Process & Management Strategies

Mon, 08/22/2011 - 11:57 -- Umar Farooq

Definition Impression Management

Impression management also called self presentation, is the process by which people seek to manage and control the other people perception regarding them. There is often a tendency for people to try to present them so as to impress others in a socially desirable way.

The Process of Impression Management

  1. Impression motivation:  Employees may be motivated to control how their boos perceives them. (Degree depends on goals. Their value and different between perception and delude perception)
  2. Impression construction: Specific type of impression people like and want to carry.

Fine Factor

  1. The self Concept
  2. Role’s constraints
  3. Target’s value
  4. Current social image

However, there is little know o how they select the way to manage other’s perceptions.

Employees impression Management Strategies

1. Demotion Preventative Strategies

Try to minimize responsibility for some negative event or to stay out of trouble they employ demotion – preventative strategy.

  • Accounts: Attempts to justifying their action excuses.
  • Apologies: Where as logical way out. Giving impressive of being sensible and responsible enough.
  • Dissociation: From what went wrong.

2. Promotion Enhancing Strategies

Through this they seek to maximize responsibility for a positive outcome, or to look better than they are:

  • Entitlement: They think they are not been given credit. They let it made kwon to their high ups.
  • Enhancement: They think they are not given due credit as they did lot more then what is thought.
  • Obstacle disclosure: Odds are disclose to magnify them success.
  • Association: Make some to be seem with the right people at the right times in the right place.