Basic Concept of Planning as Primary Function of Management

Sat, 04/28/2012 - 07:24 -- Umar Farooq

Basic Concept of Planning

Basic concpet of planning will be better understand from the statement of George R Terry “If there is no planning, there would be nothing to organize, no one to actuate, and no need to control.” We can also say that Planning is looking forward in to the future. It is a rational action mixed with a little of forethought. In this sense of the term planning exists in every society, Ancient, Medieval as well as Modern.

Every organization has some involvement in planning. Even a family goes for a little bit. In a business it is a primary function and other activities followed it. For business it is a preparatory step for actions to follow.

Planning is Looking Forward & Forecasting

Planning is looking forward and forecasting which gives a complete mental picture of things which are to happen in future. It does it through the process of looking forward. Planning in this sense may defined as “conscious efforts made to determine the future course of action with a view to achieve the desired results within the limits of set objectives.

Planning as Primary Function of Management

Planning is a primary function of management, hence it gets primary over other management functions. It is a continuous and never ending activity. One plan begets another. It adopts a specific course of action and rejects other alternatives. This characteristic makes it flexible. If formulations in future go wrong then according to situation plans are altered in order to avoid a possible deadlock. Consistency is an essential requirement of it. Consistency in behavior and action is achieved through business objectives, policies, programs and procedures of any business organization. It is all pervasive. Nothing is left out of its purview.

Planning helps in more effective and faster achievement of objectives. It gives an edge to any organization over its competitors. It secures unit of purpose, direction and effort. It focuses attention on objectives of the organization and helps in minimizing the cost of production a well as all other performances.

If comes toward conclusion, Basic concept of planning, if good and based on reliable information and complete and dependable data, then it pays rich dividends in the form of higher and quicker accomplishment of tasks set for. Planning is looking forward to predict what will happen so that management will plan as needed.