Situationist Theory of Leadership

Thu, 04/26/2012 - 09:12 -- Umar Farooq

Situationist Theory

Situationist theory of leadership is on the opinion that the situational behavior of the leadership is strongly affected by the situation in which he or she works. The theory believes that it is the situation which develops a leadership and from which a leader emerges. A leader as per the thinking of this theory, traits are only helpful. A leader is he who succeeds. But situationist theory of leadership believes in some different situation. This thinking amply proves that it is the situation which produces a leader.

The theory further believes that there exists an interaction between a group and its leaders. The people are ready and prepared to follow only the leader who is capable of fulfilling their aspirations. For acquiring such a capacity the leader is required recognize the needs, to study the situation and to visualize the aspirations of his followers.

Weaknesses of Situationalist Theory of Leadership

Situationalist Theory has some weaknesses which are enumerated as follows:

Over Emphasis on Situation

The leadership is the product of situation and a leader emerges as per the dictate of the situation. This thinking over emphasizes the situation aspects. True situations affect the decision and influence the thinking of the leader but not everything.

Completely Overlooked the Traits of Leader

Situationist theory over emphasizing the situation aspects this theory completely overlooks the traits which obviously play a significant role in the emergence of a particular leader. The head and heart of a leader plays a definite role in every situation. But this theory completely ignores this fact.