Discipline Methods and their Use for Improving Employee Actions

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 11:51 -- Umar Farooq


Make no mistake about it most employee want to conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to the company and to their fellow employees. Occasionally problems of absenteeism poor work performance or rule violations arise. When informal conversations or coaching sessions fail to resolve these problems formal disciplinary action is call for.

Employee discipline is the final area of contract administration that we will consider. Discipline is indispensable to management control. Ideally it should serve as a corrective mechanism to create and maintain a productive responsive workforce.

As an alternative some companies are experimenting with a technique called “positive discipline“ on its face it sounds a lot like traditional discipline dressed up in euphemism. It works as follows employees who commit offenses first get an oral “reminder” rather than a “ reprimand” then comes a written reminder followed by a paid day off- called a “ decision –making leave day.

These arguments for not imposing punishment are persuasive. But evidence also indicates that discipline that is punishment) may be beneficial “consider the following.

  • Discipline may alert the marginal employee to his or her low performance and result in a change in behavior
  • Discipline may send a signal to other employees regarding expected levels or performance and standards of behavior
  • If the discipline perceived as legitimate by other employee, it may increase motivation, morale and performance.

Progressive Discipline and Control Mechanism

Many firms both unionized and nonunion zed follow a procedure of progressive discipline that proceeds from an oral warning to a written warning to a suspension to dismissal. However to administer discipline without at the same time my create resentment by the discipline employees. Managers should follow what Douglas McGregor called the red-hot-stove rule” according to that rule discipline.

Following are some control mechanism available to control the discipline of employees

  • Immediate. The immediate steps must be taken to inculcate the discipline if need be.
  • Warning. Employee must know that what all be the consequences of wrong work. They must be served with warning of putting themselves write.
  • Impersonal. The mangers shouldn’t be impersonal to anybody and must not believe in favoritism.
  • Documenting Performance Related Incidents. These types of incidents must be kept in the record of the employee to put him on the right track.
  • Final Notice of Termination. If the worker is not still behaving, then the rules and policies set by the organization or firm be followed in the true litter and spirit and to create deterrence in others be dismissed and terminated from the services.