KPK Budget 2012-13, Provincial Budget Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 11:37 -- Umar Farooq

Provincial KP Budget 2012-13 for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK announced the budget for 2012-13 amounting Rs. 303 billion on Friday 8 June, 2012 by the Provincial Finance Minister Engr. Humayun Khan. First if we come to the revenue for KPK Provincial Budget 2012-13, it will receive a sum of Rs. 183 billion from federal taxes. If compare it with the budget 2011-12 it is 2% over. Also Read KPK Budget 2013-14

Similarly in KPK budget 2012-13 it will receive Rs. 22.7 billion against those expenditures on war on terrorism.  Rs. 22 billion will get against royalty on oil and gas produced in the province southern districts. 

In the Head of General Sales Tax KPK Government is expecting to get Rs. 9.8 billion. KP Government is expecting Rs. 6 billion against net hydel profit and arrears of Rs. 25 billion in the same head. From Its own hydel station KPK government expecting Rs. 2.4 billion

Another head to generate revenue of Rs. 23 billion is Foreign Projects Assistance Head and Rs. 470 billion from miscellaneous resources. According to KPK Finance Minister a reserved fund of Rs. 191 billion is for current revenue expenditure.

Some important Points of Provincial KPK Budget 2012-13

  • For Health sector Rs. 10.33 billion allocated
  • Rs. 6.7 billion allocated for education sector
  • For Police Department a sum of Rs. 23.3 billion allocated, while
  • For Irrigation Rs. 2.79 billion are set aside in the in the provincial budget for the year 2012-13.
  • A sum of Rs. 1.73 billion allocated to technical education.
  • For agriculture sector Rs. 1.123 billion allocated in the KPK budget 2012-13 and for Environment Rs. 1.1 billion set aside.
  • For communication Rs. 2.45 billion allocated
  • For Pension fund Rs. 21.58 billion allocated
  • Rs. 83.8 billion allocated for district government
  • A sum Rs. 2.5 billion allocated for subsidy on wheat
  • In head of Markup loans Rs. 9.56 billion allocated in the KPK budget for the year 2012-13
  • For annual development plan Rs. 97.45 billion allocated. When Government came in to power the worth of Annual development plan was just 28.36 billion. Then Government made strategies and implemented it such a way that today the ADP increased by 162%.
  • According to the Provincial Finance Minister Humayun Khan the Government employees will get adhoc relief of 20% in salaries as well as in pension. Increase in salaries will cost the KP Government Rs. 15 billion in budget 2012-13.
  • To complete different projects in irrigation sector Rs. 5.8 billion allocated. To complete different projects in agriculture sector Rs. 91.73 billion issued.

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