KPK Budget 2013-14 of Rs. 344 Billion Unveils on Monday 17, 2013

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 12:36 -- Umar Farooq

On Monday 17, 2013, the newly formed Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa presented their first budget of Rs. 344 billion for the fiscal year 2013-14.  During the budget presentation Finance Minister of KPK Siraj Ul Haq said that priorities of KPK Government are elimination of corruption and good governance.

Some Important Points of KPK Budget 2013-14

  1. KPK government will not implement any new tax in KPK provincial budget.
  2. One percent tax proposed on Afghan transit trade.
  3. Formation of Tax authority
  4. The Finance Minister announced the lunching of Rescue 1122 service in Swat.
  5. In the KPK budget 2013-14 Rs. 118 billion allocated for 983 developmental schemes.
  6. Out of 983 projects 565 projects are in progress, whereas the remaining 351 projects will be launched in near future.
  7. KPK government allocated Rs. 22.87 billion for health sector in the province.
  8. Allocation of fund for education is Rs. 66.6 billion.
  9. The Finance Minister Siraj ul Haq stressed on education and to attain the objective Education Advisory Commission will be formed.
  10. Finance Minister announced Rs. 23.78 billion for Police
  11. KPK government takes a positive step for increase government employees salary by 15% (Grade 1 to 16).
  12. Above Grade 16 i.e. (Grade 17 to 20) 10% increase is proposed in the salary.
  13. 15% increase will be application in the retired government employees’ pension.
  14. Rs. 200 Million allocated for needy and deprived children of KPK.
  15. Bacha Khan Rozgar Schemes will be replaced with loan scheme for youth of the KPK in the near future.