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Journalism means writing for newspapers or magazines. It is the communication of information through writing in periodicals and newspapers. The people have an inborn desire to know what's novel or new. This curiosity is satisfied by the journalists through their writing in the newspapers and journals on current affairs and news.

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Literally encoding means to convert body of information from one system to another system in the form of codes. Code is the system of symbol, sign or letters used to represent the secret meaning. Decoding means that the message which source has encoded then the decoder interprets the message according to his own mentality and experience. So where the message is simple and clear.

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After we have learned the communication cycle,  will learn what is underlying purpose of good communication i.e. is to get the people will informed

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Find and identify different forms of communication. These forms are Intrapersonal, Intrapersonal, Extra-personal, Group, Media & Mass communication

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In the article “Introduction of Communication” we have discussed that it is a process of sharing information and ideas with other people. Here we will describe the elements of the communication process.

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Aristotle tells us a very simple truth that he who is unable to live in the society or he how is sufficient to himself may be either beast or God. What do the mass media do in society? They give us baseball scores and tell us about the Middle East; they explain inflation, and they interpret current events. The media sells goods, services, candidates, and opinions. They make us laugh, they create drama, and they bring music into our lives,