Types of Feature Stories in Journalism

Fri, 09/08/2017 - 00:34 -- Umar Farooq

Here we will discuss in detail the different types of feature stories in Journalism

News Feature story has its basis upon timely news happening with a human-interest angle is called a news feature Often a news happening can be made much more interesting or newsworthy by writing it in a semi-feature sort of thing. A news feature is generally timelier than a straight human interest or a long feature story.

Informative Feature. This type does not use many of the fiction writer's devices, since its purpose is to inform more than to entertain. It may be very closely related to the so called "New Journalism". Facts for this type are usually obtained from interviews, library research and personal observation. To create interest feature writer, includes human-interest elements in his feature. Its success depends upon the accuracy facts and the style and form with which it is presented.

Personality Sketches. It is very popular among the readers as everybody wants to know about other people. These features are written about those men and women whose stories are worth telling because they are historical characters in whom interest survives long after they are dead.

This type is not easy to write as it is an uphill task to portray a personality with artistic preciseness. Facts about the person are obtained from his friends, teachers, relatives and associates. While writing a personality sketch a feature writer must avoid, stereotyped pattern that finds it way into these features very often.

Personal Experience Story. This Feature Story is in the form of an interview. It must deal with an unusual experience or a wonderful accomplishment. The writer must be careful not to en1ogize the subject but rather allow the facts to tell the story by themselves.

Human Interest Feature Story. Human-interest sketches are written under the influence of humorous and pathetic incidents that are reported in the daily routine. It usually develops from an ordinary incident or situation but due to fantastic style of composition appeals to the emotions. But it must be kept in mind that it is based upon facts of a timely nature. It's news value is almost nil and it would not have been published if it were not presented in an interesting and entertaining style. Therefore it entertains more than it informs. It may be written about almost anything i.e. person's places, animals etc.

Historical Feature. though It is deal with events or personalities of the past, have interest for present day readers because the facts these features give:

  • are timely.
  • are unique.
  • throw new light on an old story.
  • debunk wrong popular beliefs.
  • promote speculation and imagery among the readers.

Interpretative Feature. Interpretative features inform, instruct and throw light on the background of certain problems. The following topics are usually discussed under the heading or interpretative feature.

  • Social problems
  • Economic problems
  • Political problems
  • Problems of everyday life

Popularized Scientific Feature. Popularized scientific articles, bridging the gap, which separated the scientist and journalist for a long-time present scientifically accurate facts in a non-technical easily understood language