Hard News and Soft News Meaning and Differences

Sun, 09/13/2015 - 03:54 -- Umar Farooq

Journalists today often refer to news as either hard news or soft news. Here we may define both of above separately.

Hard News

It has significance for relatively large number of readers, lecterns or viewers, this includes news government, politics foreign affairs, education, labour, religion, economics, courts, and the like. Hard news despite its importance, usually attracts fewer readers, listeners or viewers because it is often difficult to understand. People need to think about the information presented to comprehended its significance. As a result, much straight reporting effects for "hard news" has given way to interpretative reporting in which the reporter explains the significance of facts and often given the background necessary for people to understand what they read, see or bear. Often a story combines the elements of "had" and "soft" news. Such a story then become "big" news for most media, including newsmagazines.

Soft News

These news usually less important but often attracts more audience. Human interest stories of crime, lust, and comedy appeal more to emotions than to intellect. It entertain readers and it may be a gossip about celebrities, technology etc.


Tone of presentation is the main difference between soft news and hard news. Hard news story follow factual approach (like what, who, when and where happened).