Communication definition, Elements, Types & Barriers to Communication

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 22:06 -- Umar Farooq


Aristotle tells us a very simple truth that he who is unable to live in the society or he how is sufficient to himself may be either beast or God. What do the mass media do in society? They give us baseball scores and tell us about the Middle East; they explain inflation, and they interpret current events. The media sells goods, services, candidates, and opinions. They make us laugh, they create drama, and they bring music into our lives, In short, they communicate.

Really no man is complete in this world. Almost each and every person has something to discuss with some other persons, because a man is a social animal. He cannot live alone in the society and needs somebody to communicate his own personal ideas, concepts and information.

There are evolution of communication process have different stages. First someone used to write something the earth surface in order to convey his opinion or message to other people. But with the passage of time gestures were introduced which leads to the language and then due to the development of science and technology different medium and sources of communicate were introduced to share ideas with others.


  1. It is the process of transmitting meaning between individuals;
  2. It is the process by which an individual (the communicator) transmits stimuli (usually verbal symbols) to modify the behavior of other individuals.
  3. It occurs whenever information is passed from one place to another;
  4. It is not simply the verbal, explicit, and intentional transmission of messages; it includes all those processes by which people influence one another;

Although scholars debate whether it occurs between other species or even inanimate entities, we will limit our discussion to the idiosyncrasies of human communication in general and its complex subcategory, mass communication.


This process means sharing ideas between different individuals. It is dynamic in nature. As it is a dynamic process can affect and affect by variables. Following are the 7 elements of communication process:

  1. Sender
  2. Ideas
  3. Encoding
  4. Communication channel
  5. Receiver
  6. Decoding
  7. Feedback

Types of Communication

I have discussed the form of communication in another article.

  1. Intra Personal
  2. Interpersonal
  3. Group
  4. Entra Personal
  5. Mass & Media Communication

What the Essentials of Effective Communication

After understand different phases, we should clearly know that the important purpose if to be well informed about the message sending and to influence those who receive it. When we communicate there are certain goals behind like changing the opinion of a certain locality. 5 Essentials of good communication includes

  1. Gaining the audience
  2. Holding the audience
  3. Influencing the audience
    1. Frame of Reference
    2. Personality Needs
    3. The Theory of Cognitive dissonance

Barriers to Effective Communication

  1. Physical Barriers
  2. Psychological Barriers
  3. Language and semantic barriers
  4. Cultural Barriers
  5. Blind imitation or stereotypes thinking
  6. Restricted and Limited Experience
  7. Propaganda