Aims and Objectives of Foreign Policy

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 23:27 -- Umar Farooq

Foreign policy is sum total of foreign action for achieving objectives, foreign commitments and the correct form of its interest.  

  1. "Foreign policy is sovereign relations among sovereign states of the world".
  2. "Foreign policy is the behaviour of one state towards other". Following are the important objectives of foreign policy

Following are the aims and objectives Foreign Policy in International Relations

National Interests

"The General and continuing ends for that a nation acts is called National Interests".

National interest is one of the most important objectives of foreign policy. The Primary Interest of every state is self-presentation, Security and wellbeing of its citizens. National Interests is the permanent Interests of each state and every state want to protect it by using the following methods.

  1. Coercive Measures and Forcible Means
  2. Alliances are generally concluded by two or more Nations for the protection and promotion of common Interest i.e. NATO.
  3. Diplomatic Negotiations
  4. Economic aid i.e. US Aid under Marshal Plan (1948) to Europe and Third world
  5. Propaganda i.e. US Propaganda in Iraq War
  6. Collective Security i.e. against Iraq in Gulf War 1991

Economic Development

Economic development is the process that not only effect economic relations but also social, political and cultural relations of the Society". "Economic development means increase in national income or increase in Per-Capita Income". Economic development is an attack on the chief evils of the world today i.e. disease, illiteracy, unemployment and inequality". Economic development is one of the most important objectives of Foreign Policy. As the status of a state in International Sphere is determined by the economic condition of a state thus a state pursue the policy to contribute to economic prosperity.

Protection of Territorial Integrity or National Security

The Protection of the territorial integrity of the country and the protection of the interest of its citizens both within and outside the country is the objective of foreign policy. Generally, for this purpose the state prefer to follow policy of status quo. Moreover, it includes Economic security, Political Security, Military Security and Psychological Security.

Maintenance of links with other Members

Another objective of foreign policy is maintenance of links i.e. relations with other members of international community, and adoption of policy of conflict or co-operation towards them with a view to promote its own interests i.e. economic, political, security, social etc. for gaining these interests for instance Pakistan have adopted the policy of co-operation towards China and Policy of conflict towards India because India is also the enemy of China.

Enhancement of the Influence of the State

Another aim of foreign policy is the enhancement of the influence of the state either by expanding its area of influence or reducing the other states to the position of dependency i.e. USA and USSR followed this policy during Cold War era. Enhancing of power is the most unique principle of F.P aims because; power in this modern period is the corner stone of the state's foreign policy