Foundation of Education

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Arabia, the cradle of Islam, is a vast peninsula in the South West of Asia. It is the largest peninsula in the world and one of the driest countries of the globe. Arabia occupies a unique position on the map of the Old World.

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Islam is the first religion which acknowledges and secures all of the fundamental rights of women as daughter, sister, mother and wife. Following are the Hadiths, which indicates the indiscriminate and fair treatment of females in their right of access to education.

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Importance of science as a school subject is necessary for each member of a society. In order to make effective decisions in personal, civic and national affaires, the citizen must have some knowledge of the process and product by which he is fed and clothed, entertained and inspired and defended from the enemies (foreign of domestic).

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The Scope of philosophy of education is unlimited. The formulation of aims and the objectives of education is the main responsibility of educational philosophy. For achieving the set objectives, specific curriculum and specific methods are needed.

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The word "Ideology" (Late 18th century, from French ideologic, literally "Science of Ideas), is defined as a closely organized system of beliefs, values, and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic, educational or political philosophy or programme.

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Psychology is the “science of mind and behavior”, Silverman (1874) defines psychology as "the science that seeks to describe and explain and on decision, to change the behaviour of man and other animals." Education also means change in the behaviour of an individual.

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Religion is considered to be the most important foundation of education. It has a great effect and influence on the education system of a nation Religion means "people's beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of the Deity or deities

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The relation of education with society and culture is very deep. Both are dependent on each other. The relationship between education and society has been summed up by the international commission on the development of education

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Education is the basic human need, and essential for a decent living and moral life. Without education the human society would be uncivilized and useless hum grouping, without any social, political, religious, and physical developments. Before discussing the relationship between education and philosophy first we would understand

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Every social activity should have specific aims and objectives. There are also some basic aims and objectives of education. Education changes as per the changing needs within the society the aims and objectives also changes time to time in the same society. There are some basic and general aims and objectives of education in society