Women Education in Islam

Mon, 01/28/2013 - 07:20 -- Umar Farooq

Islamic history is full of many examples of services rendered by Muslim women to knowledge. Following are some of contribution of muslim women, which shows the importance of women education in islam.
Urwa bint Zubair, a special pupil of Hazrat Aisha (R.A) Speaks of her depth of knowledge in these words, 'I have not seen anyone having more knowledge about Quran, the duties, the lawful and the forbidden, poetry and literature, the history of Arabs and their genealogy than Aisha (R.A)”, Tadhkira al Hufaz vol. (p27). Besides the above Aisha (R.A) has also been reported to have pretty good command on accounting, medicines and Islamic jurisprudence. Hazrat Aisha (R.A) did not restrict the treasure of knowledge to her own self but open heartedly distributed it among those who had thirst for knowledge. She was therefore, the first systematic lady teacher in the history of Islam by having opened a madrassa before Prophet's residence at the corner of Masjidi Nabvi (SAW) where she taught girls, women, boys and relative males.
Umme Salamah-Zainab was one of the greatest jurists of her time.
Such was the case of knowledge and learning of the daughter of Imam Malik (R.A) when his pupils made any mistake while learning Muwatta, she used to knock on the door from inside her room. Imam Malik (R.A.) had so much confidence in her memory that he used to say (to the pupils) “repeat it you are making a mistake.
From the members of house of Prophet, Bibi Fatima, the illustrious daughter of Prophet had grasping hand in the science of Quran and Hadith. She was also eloquent speaker and proficient poetess. In the same way her daughters Bibi Zainab, Bibi Um-Kalsoom and Granddaughters Bibi Sakina and Fatimatus Sughra were also reputed scholars and teachers of Muslim sciences.
One of the major factors which affect our female education in the rural set-up is that, people having very little knowledge about religion and Islamic history, consider women education to be Unislamic and unethical while in the life of the Prophet (PBUH) both woman and men attended Prophet's mosque, to learn knowledge from him and get educated. They also went to his home to get their questions answers sessions about daily routine matters. Specially Prophet of Allah (PBUH) appreciated the boldness and inquisitiveness of Ansar Women.