Types of Indiscipline in Schools

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 04:23 -- Umar Farooq

School and student indiscipline is a burning problem and issue of great concern for teachers and policy makers due to aggression and indiscipline among students, violent within student-teacher. It is behavioral disorder like stealing, abusive language, dishonesty, lying which can cause physical damage to school or home property this also cause mental and emotional stress. Following are the important types of indiscipline in school

Reaching the School late

It is the most usual form of indiscipline in a school. There are a number of students who reach the school late in daily routine. And they don’t show punctuality. Some of them are found uninterested to attend evening the Morning Assembly regularly.

Talking in the Class

It is rather difficult for the teacher to maintain or keep pin-drop silence in the class. When the teacher lesson sometimes students look disturbed due to insufficient class. Environment and sometimes they are found uninterested in the lessons due to rigid and outdated teaching methods and strategy.

Neglecting Homework

It is commonly observed in education intuitions that students neglect home assignments. It is rather strong that they have enough time to write a kind sentence as punishment hundred times but they are found uninterested to do the home assignment daily.

Telling Lies

The student often tell lies in various cases that create disciplinary problems in the class. They lack confidence and coverage to face the reality due to which they tell lies.

Disrespectful Behavioral towards the Teachers

This form of discipline is usually seem in the students who reach to adolescent period. They mostly show disrespectful behavior towards teachers in various cases. They refuse to obey the orders of teachers.

Stealing Things

It is commonly observed that some students steal pencils, books, pens copies and other articles from their classmates. It is a kind of form of Indiscipline that needs serious attention of teachers to solve it in time.