Harvard University Online Courses & Degree Programs

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 03:37 -- Gulzar Ahmed

Introduction to Harvard University Online Courses

Studying in Harvard University is a dream for many students. Due to advancement in technology and introduction of Harvard University Online Courses and degree programs has made the dream come true for many students and professionals.

Nowadays many Harvard Online Courses are offered through the Harvard University Extension School. As life is very hectic today, so it becomes difficult for many potential students to attend a regular course. There are many universities offers hundreds of programs online. Harvard University also starts offering online degree programs and these programs are taught by world class industry experts and Harvard faculty. With these programs, potential students and even job holders can enrich themselves and advance their career. Registration for Online Courses can be easily done online, or by mail. There are different charges for different Harvard Online Degrees depending on the nature of program.

What you need?

Harvard Online Courses give students the opportunity to take classes anywhere and anytime. The Harvard online programs are simple and convenient. No matter where you are in the world, you can take the classes what you need is just a fast internet connection and a PC. Each week you can watch new class lecture videos at your convenient time in comforts of your home. You can also interact with your program instructors as well as with your classmates through the internet and email.

Assignment & Coursework

You can review and complete scheduled assignments at your pace. Some Online Harvard Courses also offered in real time via videoconferencing. The online Harvard degrees give their students an engaging and rigorous coursework. The lectures can be accessed online weekly via course websites. The lectures of online courses are available 48 hours after the being presented in the campus. There is also live video option where Harvard courses are broadcast live as it is offered in campus.

Different Harvard online courses

You can choose a best program from Harvard Online Courses which suits you best and meets your requirements. There are many courses offered in liberal arts and sciences, in business management, and in computer science.

Liberal Arts & Science Courses

In liberal arts and sciences Harvard Online Courses you can study from anthropology, economics and technical writing, to environmental management and history as well as ethics of biotechnology.

IT Courses

There are many Information systems management online degree programs of Harvard University. In IT Courses, Harvard University taught about selection, and management of information technology (IT) in business world. IT used as a tool to implement business strategies and it support many business operations.

Some of the popular Harvard Online Programs in Computer science are as below.

  • website development (JavaScript, HTTP, HTML)
  • scripting languages
  • XHTML and CSS
  • Servers and multimedia courses
  • Ajax, databases and more.

Harvard Business Management Programs

Harvard University also offers different well known Online Courses in business management. Accounting is considered the life blood of any organization and Harvard University introduced many online accounting degree programs like Financial & Intermediate Accounting, Finance for Governmental & Non-Profit Organizations, Managerial accounting any many more.

Detailed List of subjects offered by Harvard University Extension School.

  1. Art, humanities, & museum
  2. Computer science, engineering, & math
  3. Business & management studies
  4. Literature, speech, & writing
  5. Premedical studies
  6. Languages, Study skills & education
  7. Science & environmental studies
  8. Social sciences

Finally I will say that if you want to continue your studies but you have job or other family matters then Harvard Online Courses is best option for you to complete your studies and to improve your professional skills.