Conflict Resolution in Education

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 11:50 -- Umar Farooq

Conflict Resolution in Education

Before discussing the topic "conflict resolution in education" first we should discuss the etymological meanings of the words “Education”, “Conflicts” and “Resolution”.

What is Education

“Education” means to train the body, mind and soul of a person. In other words “Education” is the change that occurs in the behavior of an individual after undergoing a certain training or course.

What is Conflict

The word “Conflicts” is the plural of “conflict” meaning, battle, quarrel, disagreement, difference (of opinion) and simultaneous loyalty to contrary persons or principles. Such like conflicts, as a matter of fact, finally lead to large scale fights and wars. While the word

What is Resolution

“Resolution” means to solve, bring into an end and do away with. The topic under reference denotes the fact that a real type of education can play very effective role in resolving “conflicts” how so ever grave that may be.

Education and Conflict Resolution

A common proverb goes in English language as “if you want peace, prepare for war”. That is why it is commonly believed by all wise and positive thinking people that, “war is essential for peace”. From this it is quite clear that we can divide (based on purpose and objective) wars into: Positive and Negative type of war.

There would have been no need of dividing “wars” into the above two categories had there not been such people who use it for nefarious ends. Hence, wars for curbing brutality and oppression is good, while any other except this is bad. Similarly education can also be divided into the same two categories. “Education” in itself is nothing but source of comfort, development, happiness and peace. But some people having malafide designs use this for conquering the other opponent only for vested interest.

The History of Education is replete of such episodes and examples which show that the definition as well as objectives of education have been constantly changing as or when the aims of the life of a nation have ever changed. Similarly, the components of the course, attitude of the teacher and process of teaching learning process have also changed.

The primitive concept was that “man by nature is a warrior”. Therefore, people in the past, used to prepare their children for war. They would take great care of their physique and would train them to fight, because they believed that no conflicts can be resolved without war. Since people like them were led by such like misperceptions, to several conflicts and wars. The worst amongst them had been the First and Second World War which caused immense destruction and killings.

Now, there has come an enormous change in the attitude of human beings and they now prefer to resolve their differences of opinion with the help of education and discussion, say with peaceful means. Despite the fact that on one side we see that several conflicts are continuing in one part of the world or the other, but there are some others where the opponents have agreed to sit across the table and resolve the same through discussion instead of guns. This all has become possible because of the spread of education. The man of today is convinced that war is not the solution to a problem. War makes the situation worst. They have come to know that talks, not guns, can resolve conflicts. All this is the fruit of Education. Positive education always stresses that peace is the ultimate end and objective of Education. According to basic teachings of all religions of the world “man is by nature peace-loving” and “not-warrior” as misconceived by some other people. Guns aggravate situation and cannot resolve our problems and conflicts. We can do so through peaceful talks and negotiations.

Education can Prevent and Resolve Conflicts

As education brings enlightenment to mankind which is against ignorance and darkness, hence it removes all kinds of misperceptions and negative designs. Furthermore, education unveils several new and interesting venues for mankind and preoccupies him in purposeful activities, hence he never inclines to aggressive and untoward activities. Finally i can without any doubt that education plays a vital role in conflict resolution.