Educational Psychology

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Individuals have variety of differences. Some individual differences are natural to humans which cannot be controlled or changed and some can be changed and controlled by human beings living in society. These are the differences which makes humans different in various fields of life.

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Below are the two functions of educational psychology 1. To develop theories of learning and teaching and 2. To formulate practical suggestions for the teaching learning processes

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Pavlovs classical conditioning theory considers learning as habit formation and is based on the principle of association and substitution. It is simply stimulus-response type of learning where in place of a natural stimulus like food, water, and sexual contact etc. the artificial stimulus like sound of a bell, sight of the light of a definite color etc.

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Carl Rogers was born on January 8th, 1902 in Chicago, USA. Carl Rogers was born on January 8th, 1902 in Chicago, USA. After some practical experience in the field of psychology, in 1940s and 1950s he developed this theory which is also known as Carl Rogers Persons Center Theory.

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Though there are various agents which have great influence upon the social development of child. But still teacher and school also have effective role to be played in order to develop the balanced personality of a child. The followings are some suggestions which a teacher must keep in mind in relation to the social development of a child in educational context.

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With the spirit of inquiry goes an attitude of respect for children at all stages of their growth. This respect is built on the view that the experiences which a child undergoes at any stage of his growth, whether he be a newborn baby, a toddler, a school age youngster, or an adolescent, are as important to him at his level of maturity as are experiences which befall an adult.

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Teacher is like a philosopher who guides his student. He is responsible to be aware about growth and development of the students. It is educational psychology which enables the teacher to use various techniques. The importance of educational for teachers has the following points:

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Educational psychology is the branch of psychology, so educational psychology uses all those methods for data collection which are used in general psychology to get the maximum data and information about various human behaviors in order to arrive on conclusion. The following are the main data collection method