Curriculum & Instructions

Post date: 11/18/2013 - 07:14

Demonstration method of teaching is a traditional classroom strategy used in technical and training colleges and in teacher education. Demonstration Strategy focus to achieve psychomotor and cognitive objectives. If we talk about its structure, This teaching strategy is based on the following principles 1. Learning by doing maxim is followed 2. Skills can be developed by limitation

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Lecture Method of Teaching is mainly focus on cognitive objectives. Main emphasis of this strategy is on the presentation of the content. Teacher is more active and learners are passive listeners. The teacher plans and controls the whole teaching learning process. He may take help of audio-visual aids to make lecture interesting.

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Autocratic styles of teaching is traditional styles of teaching. These are teacher centered or content centered. Here teacher is more active and learners are passive listeners. No emphasis is given on learners’ ability, capabilities, interest and personality. These strategies are based on Modern Theory of Organization (relationship centered). These involve the participation of both the teacher and the learner.

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B.O Smith defined it as a pattern of acts that severs to attain certain outcomes and to guard against certain others. Here we can find out the uses of strategy: 1. To ensure that learning will occur in as brief a time as possible. 2. To induce students to engage in exchange of ideas. 3.To minimize the chance of wrong responses in learning concepts, principles or facts. 4.To ensure the attainment of defined instructional objectives.

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The following questions form a base in evaluating the curriculum development process. 1. Is the curriculum research-based or opinion-based? 2. Is the curriculum future-oriented? 3. Are the objectives of curriculum well defined and clearly stated? 4.Are the specific objectives spelled out in behavioural terms? 5. Does the content of the curriculum 'has vertical as well as horizontal continuity?

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Advantages of Teacher Centered Approach, As the curriculum is designed by the teacher, it become easy to achieve the desired goals, Subject matter become psychologically sound due to its relevance with the interests, needs and level of the children, Content/Subject matter is logically arranged. - Irrelevant material/ Subject matter is avoided

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Subject centered curriculum is the oldest and the most widely accepted form of curriculum organization. The earliest example of this sort of organization is the seven liberal arts in the schools of ancient Greece and Rome and in the monastery and Cathedrals of the middle ages in the Medieval Era.

societal barriers in curriculum changes
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Education may be seen as preserved and transmitter of cultural heritage as well as transform' g agent and school has to carry out these functions. These functions largely depend upon curricula. So if the change is approved by the society, it may see success otherwise society will be a barrier.