What is Team Teaching, Definition & Characteristics of Team Teaching

Sun, 11/24/2013 - 23:40 -- Umar Farooq

What is Team Teaching Method

The Team Teaching idea originated in USA in 1954 and it found its way to develop courses. It a good innovation in teaching strategies. In simple words, team teaching strategies are simplest form where all teachers of a subject collectively teach a class in that subject. There are some definitions by educationists. Team teaching is also called collaborative teaching or co teaching strategy. It is used for different subjects especially in middle grades with the help of different teaching method. To provide supportive environment, there are teams of two or four teachers working collaboratively to prepare lesson plans.

Team Teaching Definitions

  1. Spanish defines it as “Team teaching is a type of instructional organization involving teaching personnel and the students assigned to them in which two or more teachers are given responsibility, looking together, for all or a significant part of the instruction for some group students”.
  2. Another definition by educationist runs as follows, “In this teaching strategy two or more than two teachers involve to make a plan of any given subject, or subjects cooperatively, carry it out, and always evaluate its effect on the students periodically”.
  3. According to David Warwick “It is a form of organization in which individual teachers decide to pool resources, interest and expertise in order to device and implement a scheme of work suitable to the needs for their pupils and the facilities of their school”.

Characteristics of Team Teaching

  1. Economic Factors: It is traditional teaching, if a film is shown to six sections, it is projected six times. This method would organize one or two shows and thus economize use of projector, bulbs, electricity and energy of the teachers.
  2. Structuring in the Enthusiasm: We teach those topics of the syllabus the best which we known bets and for which we have a liking. This enthusiasm of the teacher be structured by say factual lessons in few large senior groups with adequate follow up in smaller groups.
  3. Development of Staff: How do we deploy the teachers in brain teaching? The deployment of teachers is done according to areas and methods in which they feel most at home.
  4. Experience Centered Work: it means realistic field work of all kinds is undertaken on some afternoons and two or more members of the staff are involved in one project.

Examples of team teaching strategy

Suppose, there are four teachers of Educational psychology in your college. All of them will teach your section the subject, they may divide topics amongst themselves. The senior teacher is team leader.

The main ingredients of co-teaching strategy are

  1. Scheduling
  2. Group of students
  3. Assigning specific responsibilities to the teachers
  4. New building arrangement
  5. Independent study time for pupils
  6. Use of para professionals known as teacher-aids a person who assist the teachers and students
  7. Replacement of the centralized library with resources centers