What are the Characteristics of Subject Centered Curriculum

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 03:58 -- Umar Farooq

Characteristics of Subject Centered Curriculum

Follwoing are the characteristics of Subject Centered Curriculum

Learning subject matter is an end in itself

Listening to lectures, studying the textbooks and studying for examination are all practices that show the influence of the subject centered curriculum approach. The subject teacher considers it of great importance to cover the prescribed textbook. Since a specific amount of subject matter is to be learnt in a set time. If subject matter has been learnt, the teacher and students feel satisfaction.

There is a predetermined uniform standard of knowledge

Those who follow the subject centered approach strongly advocate minimum standards. They advocate set standard for a class to be achieved by all students in order to qualify the examination. In other words a time limit is placed on achievements and if the pupil fails, the course must be repeated. The teacher attempts to bring the pupil up to the set standard. Thus failures are required to repeat a grade or they are dropped out from their institutions.

Practice in skills is emphasized

Drill in specific skills is one of the typical characteristics of the subject curriculum. Drill session, remedial work, review work, coaching classes are often devoted to such type of drill. This drill is given in equal amounts to all pupils in the group.

Emphasis is placed upon acquiring information for future use

The subject matter selected for a course, is considered to be of value in adult living rather than child's immediate needs. Thus adult problems are given more weight than problems of children in youth.

Progress is measured by how much of the subject a pupil has learnt

As the subject matter is an important thing to be learnt, learning is measured by how well the subject matter has been mastered. Frequent tests are given to check the extent of achievement by the students.

Each subject is distinct entity (unit) with a logical organization of its own

Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of skills, facts and information in different logically organized subjects. The members of the staff, teaching different subjects do not plan courses together and they do not discuss common problems.

Subject matter is selected by adults previous to the teaching, learning situations

As the subject matter is taught in logically organized discipline, therefore, the content of the course is selected before it is taught. For this purpose they receive help from subject matter, specialists, supervisors, administrators and textbook writers.