Team Teaching Factors, Advantages and Disadvantages

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 00:02 -- Umar Farooq

Factors of Team Teaching

Factors Essential for the Success of Team Teaching

  1. Desire on part of head of the institution that team teaching should be feature of his school
  2. Cooperative amongst teacher comprising the team
  3. Planning who will teach which topic and when
  4. Availability of material and equipment
  5. The acceptability of this approach on the part of the students. Sometimes, sections may be combined for the purpose. The student should not resent or protest

Advantages & Disadvantages of Team Teaching Strategy

Advantages of Team Teaching

  1. The best teacher is shared by all
  2. The school atmosphere improves. Students do not enjoy unnecessarily free periods
  3. It motivates teachers and students alike
  4. In this teaching strategy, resources (both men and material) are better utilized
  5. By observation teacher other, teacher improve their own working and methods of teaching   

Disadvantages of Team Teaching

  1. The worst teacher is shared by all
  2. Team teaching is against the spirit of education no pupil teacher contact develops. No self-realization takes place
  3. Everybody’s responsibility is nobody’s responsibility
  4. Our teachers are not favorably inclined. Unnecessary comparison be better avoided. It can give birth to jealousies and hostilities
  5. Sometimes a teacher may fail to do justice to his topic