Operant Conditioning Model of Teaching by B. F. Skinner

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 03:32 -- Umar Farooq

This teaching model is developed on the basis of selection and connecting. Skinner learning theory possesses the following elements


To Brining desirable change in behavior


All teaching activities are divided into five steps in this model.

Specifying the final performance

  1. Identification and definition of target behavior
  2. Specification of desired behavior
  3. To develop plans for measuring and recording the behavior outcomes

Assessing Behavior

  1. Observe and record frequency of behavior and if necessary, nature and context of behavior
  2. Formulating the contingency include the following activities
  3. Make decisions regarding the environment
  4. Select the reinforcers and reinforcement schedule
  5. Final plan of behavior modification program

Instituting the program involves

  1. Organize the environment in which learning will take place
  2. Inform the learners
  3. Provide reinforcement to the learner in a definite schedule

Evaluate the program include the activities

  1. Measure desired response
  2. If the behavior modification is not up to the optimum level, reinstitute the program for re-structuring the behavior.

Social System

Teacher controls the environments. Leaners do not have freedom for response. To check the undesirable behavior teacher provides negative reinforcement while provides rewards, appreciation for desirable behavior to occur again and again.

Support System

Programmed machines, programmed instruction and the reinforcing environment help to reduce the errors while learning. Evaluation is done on the basis of right and wrong responses. Immediate reinforcement is given on right response and feedback is provided to wrong responses.


  1. This learning theory is very well used in programmed learning. This model will help in the development of learners’ abilities with the help of attaining knowledge, skills and application of the subject-matter. It have given the base for independent learning.
  2. Operant model is content centered and has shown the path for researches in the field of education.


  1. Teaching is an important factors in teaching learning process to bring desirable changes in the behavior of learners.
  2. Human behavior can be understood in terms of the principles of operant conditions.