Hypothesis & Guiding Principles in Team Teaching

Sun, 11/24/2013 - 23:53 -- Umar Farooq

Principles in Team Teaching

The following principles in team teaching are significant

  1. The size and composition of the group must be appropriate to its purpose.
  2. The time allotted to any group must be appropriate to its purpose.
  3. The learning environment must be appropriate to the activities of the group
  4. The nature and extent of the supervision of the group activities depends upon the purpose of the group
  5. The duties assigned to teachers must be appropriate to their special qualifications and interests

Hypothesis Underline Team Teaching

  1. The best teachers in a school are shared by more students.
  2. Teachers are provided with a schedule which allows time for better preparation and planning.
  3. Teachers should have and can have, more exact knowledge of their students
  4. The best teachers in any system are entitled to recognition
  5. Teachers can grow and keep abreast of increasing knowledge
  6. Teachers do not plan and work in isolation, the team approach minimize repetitions efforts
  7. Students develop better study habits.
  8. Flexibility permits groping and regrouping of students
  9. The plan provides for flexible class size
  10. Resource people from outside the school are more easily used.