Functions of Curriculum in Education

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 04:09 -- Umar Farooq

Curriculum is a criteria to provide experiences to the learners toward the maximum growth of their personalities. Same is the objective of education itself. Various functions of curriculum are described and listed as follows.

Development of Individuals

Each individual has got his own Peculiar abilities, talents, interests, knowledge, attitudes, ideals, appreciations, skills and understandings. All learners do not learn equally well. But the type of curriculum, the design of curriculum, the methods applied and the techniques followed can offer opportunities to the learners to benefit from them according to their own capabilities. So it is the function of the curriculum to help the students by providing them such type of experiences which met the need of all the students.

As the curriculum consists of curricular and co-curricular activities, it plays important role in mental, moral, social, emotional and physical development. The curricular activities help in the intellectual growth while co-curricular activities help in around development of the learners in order to produce balanced personalities.

Producing Responsible Citizens

Responsible and useful citizens can be produced by a well-organized educational program. Curriculum plays a pivot role in providing knowledge about rights and responsibilities of the citizens and helping them in the development of desirable and useful skills to be applied in daily life.

To Develop Basic Skills

Basic skills like, reading, writing, speaking and understanding in certain language can be developed properly by applying suitable curriculum.

Preservation and Transmission of Cultural Heritage

The function of each society is to preserve its culture and to transmit it to its next generation. This function can be performed in a suitable way by the curriculum. The curriculum preserves the culture in literature and with the help of suitable teaching learning situation it is transmitted to the next generation. Beside the above mentioned functions of curriculum can also help by:

  1. Making the people broad minded.
  2. Providing knowledge about the world.
  3. Inculcating Islamic values.
  4. Developing and building up some attitudes towards life.
  5. Engaging the people in some useful tasks. - producing subject specialists.
  6. Producing scientists, educationists or specialized people for various field improving social, cultural and economical conditions.
  7. Improving physical and mental health of the people.