Different Types of Teaching Strategies

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 01:20 -- Umar Farooq

Different Types of Teaching Strategies

There are different types of teaching strategies which can classified as:

Autocratic Style of Teaching

Autocratic styles of teaching is traditional styles of teaching. These are teacher centered or content centered. Here teacher is more active and learners are passive listeners. No emphasis is given on learners’ ability, capabilities, interest and personality.

Permissive Style of Teaching

These strategies are based on Modern Theory of Organization (relationship centered). These involve the participation of both the teacher and the learner. It is mainly child-centered i.e. content and strategies are decided considering learners’ ability, capabilities, need and personality. These strategies help in exploring the creativity of the learners and developing all aspects of behavior.

List of Teaching Strategies

Autocratic Style of Teaching

Permissive Style of Teaching


Demonstrations Method

Tutorials, and

Programmed Instructions

Question – Answer Strategy

Heuristics Teaching Strategy

Project Strategy

Group Discussion

Role Playing


Computer Assisted Instruction CAI

Brain Storming

Independent Study

Sensitivity Training

Leadership group or T-Group