Characteristics of a Good Teacher

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 21:33 -- Umar Farooq

Good Teacher Qualities

Below are some marks and characteristics of a great teacher.

Opportunities for Activities. The child is inherently active. Passiveness on the part of the child implies that he is not in good physical and mental health. He keeps the students active. He is aware of the fact that to keep the student’s discipline, he must have to fill the time with work and involve them in various activities.

Involves Careful Planning. Teachers keeps in view that everything cannot be taught to children at every time. He carefully studies the mental makeup and the pupils he teaches, studies the individual differences of pupils and then prepares his subject-matter. An unplanned lesson often results in a failure and involves waste of time, energy and money also.

Desired and Selective Information. A class teacher does not try to teach all the available information that he gathers from books and experience. On the other hand he makes as judicious selection and teaches all that is useful to live a good lite as responsible member of the society.

Involves Skills in Guiding Learning. Teacher motivate and stimulates students through his activities in the classroom to make his teaching effective. He involves the student into the studies. He creates such situation as lead to desired types of learners.

Cooperation. Good teaching is an active and living process. A good teacher seeks the cooperation of the learners.

Causing to Learn. Good teacher enables the child to learn for himself. It is snot stuffing the mind of the child with information. It is what we can make the child do for himself.

Kind and Sympathetic. A great leader always creates a cordial atmosphere in the classroom. He always ensures his pupil’s emotional stability and security. He is kind, affectionate and sympathetic to his pupils. He avoids scolding and sarcasm.

Democratic. Another trait is that he respects the individuality of his pupils. He does not consider them to be inferior. He keeps the contents, methods and objective sin view while teaching.

Adjust Students to his Environment. Man has been struggling against natural forces since ages. He is expected either to adjust the forces to himself. A good teachers helps child in both direction.

Progressive. A good teacher aims at improving his modes and teaching strategies. He also helps the child to make suitable progress in life.

Emotional Stability. There are very powerful inherited urges which always cry for expansion. A good teacher knows that unguided expression leads to wilderness, and therefore, helps in proving his pupils suitable opportunities which assist in training and sublimating the urges and emotions.

Good Teaching is both diagnostic and remedial. A teacher makes use of the various measurement instruments which have been provided by psychology and discovers the intelligence, aptitudes and interest of children and accordingly plans his work.