The French Government

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 01:17 -- Umar Farooq

The constitution of the fifth Republic makes a distinction, though only an academia one, between the President and the government. The President is the head of the State with-important and real executive powers. The French government includes the Prime Minister and other, Ministers, who have the responsibility to run the administration of the government.

According to Blendel and Godfray, "President has to ensure guardianship of the constitution, the role of the government is to govern". The Government is the name when the constitution of the fifth Republic gives collectively to the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister.

French Government Composition & Organization

The French constitution provides for a Council of Ministers. It is composed of Prime Minister and other Ministers. In the language of the constitution, the Council is the Government of the Republic. The President of the Republic appoints the Prime Minister and on the advice of the Prime Minister appoints other Ministers. The Prime Minister and other Ministers are not the members of the Parliament. Article-23 of the constitution states that the office of members of the government shall be incompatible with the exercise of any Parliamentary mandate.

The Council of Ministers is a collective body and its decisions are the decisions of all the members. The collective nature of the Council is implicit in the Articles-13 and 20. The Council of Ministers is responsible to Parliament.

Tenure of the French Government

Like any Parliamentary system, the tenure of the Government in France is not fixed, the Government remains in power so long as it enjoys the confidence of the National Assembly. However, the maximum period for which a Government once constituted can remain in power is 5 years. Because the tenure of National Assembly is -5 years, and the constitution states that after every general election, the Government is constituted afresh every new National Assembly leads to the creation of a new Government.

Removal of Government

The French President can remove the Government only when the Prime Minister submits his resignation or resignation of the Government to the President. The Parliament too can bring about the fall of the Government by passing a vote of no confidence or a .censure Motion or by rejecting the program or general policy of the Government on the passing of which the Prime Minister has pledged the responsibility of the Government, mentioned in the Article-50 of the constitution.