Comparison between The French President Vs US President

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 00:50 -- Umar Farooq

French President Vs US President

The French President of Republic occupies the most important position in the governmental, system of France. In some respects he resembles the President of the USA and in some the British Premier. In many ways, the French President combines the prestige and functions of the Indian and Pakistan President, British Prime Minister and the American President, Like the U.S. president he is the head of' State and head of Government and he has fixed tenure removable only by a difficult process of impeachment.

The President of France is elected by direct suffrage. The US President is formally elected by an electoral college but in actual practice, his election has also become direct. Both the Presidents have fixed tenure and cannot be removed except by the process of impeachment make civil and military appointments nominate ambassadors to foreign countries and receive foreign ambassadors. Both preside over the meetings of the Council of Ministers and issue ordinances. Both are the Supreme Commanders of their respective armed forces. Both are entitled to send messages to Parliament and both have the right of pardon, both have the right to return .a bill to Parliament for reconsideration. But the French President has certain special powers, which the President of USA does not possess. The French President can dissolve the National Assembly but 'the US President has no such right. The French President enjoys emergency powers but the US President does not have such powers. The French President makes appointments to civil and military posts. Such appointments are not subject to ratification of any of the chamber of legislature. On the other hand the appointments made by the U.S. President requires the approval of the Senate. The French President negotiates and, ratifies treaties with foreign countries. But the treaties negotiated and concluded by the American President require endorsement of the Senate. The French President has the discretionary power to submit to a referendum. The US President has no such power. In some respects, the US President enjoys more powers than his French counterpart. In the US, the cabinet is responsible only to the President and riot to the Congress. In France the Council of Ministers is responsible to the Parliament. Secondly, the US President is the sole executive authority. All executive powers are vested in him. The French President does not enjoy that position. There is a Council of Ministers, which determines and directs the policy of the nation.

In conclusion we can say, “The office of the French President is a unique, powerful and prestigious office the strongest that can be established in a democracy". He enjoys distinct primacy over the French Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.