What is Urban Society, Meaning & Characteristics of Urban Society

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 05:35 -- Umar Farooq

What is Urban Society

An urban living is similar to having the facilities of modern social life. Social interaction is fast and formal. The rate of social change is faster due to education in, technology, industry and urbanization. A complex social life is found in which the people or different races, professions, castes and religions live together. Anonymity is an important trait.

Characteristics of Urban Society

Dense Settlement Pattern: In urban societies, houses are constructed contiguous to each other due to shortage of land. Millions of populations resides within few kilometer of me area which shows high density of population.

Palatial Houses: Houses are made using brick, stone, marble and other modern infrastructure. A lot of palatial houses can be seen in these societies costing millions of rupees.

Urban Facilities: Urban facilities like electricity, gas, telephone, drinking water system, mobile phone, fax, internet, road networks, air ports, shopping mall and commercial center etc. are available in urban society.

Formal Social Interaction: Interaction among the members of society is generally of formal type. Secondary group and organizations have a lot of importance and played important role in need fulfillment.

Formal Group Life: Group life in this society is also of formal type. Formation of group is based on the need and common interests. Members get close to each other in order to fulfill their needs.

Division of Labor: Very clear and complex division of labor is found in every walks of life. People are trained for their job and functions according to needs of the people. Shortage of houses due to shortage of land and population pressure, there is always shortage of houses for the people of this society.

Social Institutions and Social Organizations: Basic social institutions and their working organizations are found fulfilling the very needs of the people.

Social Change: A high rate of social change is found. People of this society appreciate social change and are prone to adopt it rapidly.

Anonymity: Due to high population pressure, fast life, and social differentiation, a high degree of anonymity is found causing crime and violence.

High Standard of Living: Due to availability of civic facilities, industry and business activities, high standard of living is found comparing with rural society.