What is the Concept of Urbanization

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 23:08 -- Umar Farooq

Concepts of Urbanization

Some of the important concept of urbanization are as under.

Urban Locality. According to United Nations, localities are of three types, administrative, economic and ecological urban locality is a population cluster, in which the inhabitants live in closely adjacent structures urban locality has a commonly recognized name urban localities are not similar but UN has classified it into three divisions.

  1. Clusters of population with official boundaries and administrative functions.
  2. Localities with fixed boundaries and some form of local government.
  3. Minor civil divisions such as communities with fixed boundaries and may or may not have local government

Urban Place. Urban place is the demarcation of an area as urban regardless of boundary. It is determined by certain characteristics of urban population UN has suggested that each country should decide for itself, which area is urban and which is rural. An urban place should have a population of 20,000 or more.

Urban Agglomeration. Agglomeration means cluster of a population. Urban agglomeration is an additional geographical unit which includes more than one locality. City or town is often a part of the urban agglomeration.

Urban Population. Urban population means, the population or the people which lives in urban areas.

Urban Growth. Urban growth is the growth in urban place. It is the growth in urban population.

Urbanism. Urbanism is used for the way of life associated with living in urban areas. The important characteristics of urban life are individualism, impersonal relations, transportation and communication, complex life and better technological facilities.

Urbanization. According to Redfield, urbanization is used to describe the Size, density and variation of population within a scientific location. So, urbanization is a process of population concentration in an urban area.