What is Process of Socialization in Sociology Definition & Meaning

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 02:00 -- Umar Farooq


Inducting an individual into society is called socialization. It is a process of training to adjust man in society. Man is to live in various social groups and different social situations. He is to learn techniques of life to adjust himself in new modes of life. It is the learning of techniques of social life. In other words, it is the process of learning different behaviors in different social situations.

Man learns various social norms and techniques of social life when interacts with others in various social situations if means he learns how to play his role in new situations. This learning of role playing is also called socialization.

An individual faces so many situations in his life. In every situation he is to play different role. For this purpose learning the norms is necessary which enables him to do SO. Role playing requires learning of norms for those social situations. This learning of norms is called socialization. The individual by learning social norms and playing different roles get experience of social life and it is learning of different experiences of social life.

From the point of view of Lee and others, a personality is "the result of habit formation”. Habits are individually repeated behavior. A range of human experiences is introduced from the very life in childhood. Culture and society provide the individual with institutionalized patterns of behaviour for various stages of life so that he may become a functioning member of society. Learning cultural norms according to the development of age is the process of socialization. This is a continuous progression of life. Here personality is acquired through social interaction is known as socialization.

It is a life-long journey. Man learns when he fazes social situations. Although the learning process decreases in old age while interacting with others, we get experiences of social life. By participating in various professional activities, we pass through the processes of socialization. Thus it means learning the general experiences of social life.


Young and Mack observe, "It is the inducting of individual into the social world ". In common-sense, it is a life-long training for the adjustment of one's life in society. This is the process of learning norms, roles, techniques and other cultural patterns.

According to Peter Woesely "It is the process of transmission of culture, whereby men learn the rules and practices of social groups."

John J. Maccionis explain socialization "a lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn culture."

Lundberg says: "complex processes of interaction through which the individual learns the habits, beliefs, skills and standards of judgment that are necessary for his effective participation in social groups and communities."

Horton and Hunt said: "It is the process whereby one internalizes the norms of the groups among whom one lives so that a unique "self" emerges."